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The Mountaineer Tutoring Network is a student organization designed specifically for tutors. It's an opportunity to collaborate with other tutors to create programs and events for WVU students!

"Mountaineer Tutoring Network: a chapter of the National Tutoring Association"

The Mountaineer Tutoring Network was founded in 2014 as an Honors College tutor’s leadership project. We are a social and community service student organization for undergraduate tutors. Our goal is to create a network of WVU tutors by connecting tutors from all the learning centers across campus.

Our main events happen during National Tutoring Week, which is the first week of October. In the past, we have raised money for the Appalachian Prison Book Project and Camp Kesem, a summer camp for children with parents who have cancer.

We are a chapter of the National Tutoring Association ( ), but you do not have to be NTA certified to be a member. We welcome members from all the learning centers across WVU's campus in hopes to create a sense of community among WVU tutors. We hold monthly meetings and events, such as our tutor appreciation luncheon and national tutoring week.

Our National Tutoring Week programs have won NTA’s annual contest in 2014 and 2016. We are incredibly proud of our programs and hope to continue providing support for our university’s tutors. I think I can speak for a majority of our tutors when I say that we do not consider tutoring a job. Tutoring creates connections. These connections happen between tutors & students and tutors & tutors. Tutors in our learning centers have developed great friendships, and I consider my coworkers family.

If you’re interested in joining MTN or curious to learn more, feel free to contact me or attend one of our meetings! We hope to see you soon!

Jordan Riggs
President of Mountaineer Tutoring Network