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Testwell Program

"The review sessions helped me see my strengths and weaknesses before the exams, and the tutors did a really good job helping me understand the harder material." - Student after a testWELL test prep event

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The testWELL program is an initiative to better coordinate WVU Learning Centers with WELLWVU in order to develop creative solutions to issues such as test anxiety and student retention, with an emphasis on the powerful link between body and mind.

It’s important to understand that academic success isn’t entirely based on a high GPA or guaranteed by constantly studying. Rather, success at WVU is dependent on the balance between one’s academic, physical, and mental wellbeing. What happens in the classroom can affect one personally; likewise, one’s personal life can positively or negatively translate in academics. By encouraging students to develop an efficient study routine, to improve time management skills, to understand the body’s need of sleep and proper diet, and to have a strong sense of self-confidence, testWELL hopes that its services can help students thrive inside and outside the classroom, during and beyond their years here at WVU.

testWELL provides all WVU students with access to the various Learning Centers and tutors on campus while also promoting a healthy lifestyle through WELLWVU programs. On this website, you will find information, directions, and links to all of these resources as well as details about our Mock-Exam sessions and Tutoring Clinics. Additionally, our materials database contains lecture slides, practice problems, and mock exams as free-to-access PDFs for you to use, be it while studying in a dorm or library or while reviewing topics or questions with a tutor.

We are an initiative for the students, by the students, and because of this, we value your feedback. Let us know how we may better improve our services for the future by emailing us or contacting us via social media. Check this website regularly or follow us on Twitter for updates about tutoring events, study sessions, and health and wellness events.

Let’s testWELL Mountaineers!

Ahmed Haque

Questions about the testWELL program?

Please feel free to contact Ahmed Haque ( ).